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Dent repair and paintless dent removal specialist operating in Kent, Essex, Sussex and London

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Where is the work done?
Dent King comes to you whether that's at your work place or home address.

2. How is the work carried out?
A technician uses specialist tools placed behind the damaged panel which are then used to gently massage the dent back to it's original condition. The skillful method eliminates any risk of paint work damage.

3. How long does the process take?
The time it takes all depends on the size of the dent on your vehicle. Every dent is different! Generally it can take from 10 minutes up to an hour. The work is only finished when our technician is totally satisfied with his repair.

4. What's the largest dent you can repair?
Dent King can repair dents fully from the size of a 5p coin up to the size of a golf ball. Not all large dents can be repaired but most can be substantially tidied up and improved.

5. What if the dent I have is not a round shape, it's more of a crease line?
No problem! A crease ding or dent can be equally repaired just the same as other dents.

6. What results can i expect?
All work carried out is guaranteed. The aim is to repair the dent fully, which means you will be unable to see that any damage was even there!

7. Can a dent be repaired if the paint is broken?
No the paint would only get worse if someone was to try to fix a dent if the paint was badly broken. However in some very few cases it could be repaired if it was only a stone chip dent

8. Can any part of the vehicle be repaired?
If the panel is double skinned then we can't carry out the repair, for example, a rear quarter wheel arch, front edge of a bonnet or the edge of any panels. Generally an inch from the edge of a panel is accessible

9. What happens if the customer is not happy with the repair?
You won't be! Dent King had repaired thousands of vehicles of satisfied customers. Any dent that cannot be repaired will not be attempted.

I hope these answered questions help you with any queries you may have. However if you have any further enquiries do not hesitate to contact Dent King.